Posting my PSU 2015 MacAdmins Conference presentations

Coffee mugFrom the home office in Saint Paul, MN, I’m posting my PSU 2015 MacAdmins Conference presentations. Below are links to both PDFs as well as the original Keynote files, which include my notes and talking points.

The conference organizers recorded most of the sessions and will post them in a few weeks. I’ll add an update here letting folks know when they’re ready.

2016’s conference is scheduled for June 27-30 and I’m already planning to return. This event has become one of the highlights of my year working as a Mac admin.

Administering Office 2016 for Mac

Download PDF

I couldn’t have had better timing for this talk. Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac the day after my presentation. Currently, only Office 365 subscribers get Office, but Microsoft will release both perpetual license and volume license editions in August.

Administering Office 2016 for Mac

iOS – Reconnect the Cord

Download PDF

After working on a project to deploy nearly 40,000 iPads in K-12 education, I’ve learned some really cool stuff about preparing lots of devices quickly, troubleshooting them and bending them a little to my will using command line tools.

iOS - Reconnect the Cord

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