Posting my PSU MacAdmins Conference presentation

Demo successful!

Update (July 13): Forgot to include a link to download the plists for Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. These are the same files I used in my demonstration.

From the home office in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I’m posting my PSU MacAdmins Conference slides here for folks reviewing after my presentation in State College, PA, and for folks who weren’t able to attend this year.

Below are links to both a PDF version as well as the original PowerPoint version, which includes my notes and talking points. Even if you don’t use PowerPoint, Keynote or an Office 2011 trial should display the file just fine.

The conference organizers recorded all sessions and will post them as soon as possible. I’ll post an update here letting folks know where to find my recording.

Credit goes to Robert Hammen (@hammen) for taking this picture toward the end of the session. If you’ve ever had a demo go horribly, horribly wrong during a presentation or seen it happen then you’ll understand.

2015’s conference is scheduled for July 8-10 and I already have ideas for one or two sessions.. Hoping to attend and see all my new friends and those I’ve known a while.

Manage Third Party Applications with Profiles

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