Attending my first PSU MacAdmins Conference

Super excited to be flying out to Penn State tomorrow and attending my first PSU MacAdmins Conference! It’s only five years old but has become one of the five major conferences for Mac administrators in the world as well as the only major east coast conference for those who support OS X and iOS.

I get to present this year and expand on a session I did for the JAMF Nation User Conference back in 2012. That session was about the humble plist. What I didn’t get to cover then was how to use Managed Preferences (MCX) and Configuration Profiles to manage the plist.

My session this year at MacAdmins is Manage Third Party Applications with Profiles. In my introduction I mention, “The Configuration Profile is one of Apple’s most powerful tools for managing Macs, yet I’ve seen folks avoid using it or only tap in to what’s pre-configured and go no further. Making it do what they really want still involves some voodoo and maybe a little prayer.

“There’s no need to sacrifice any more chickens if we apply a little technology. Creating custom Configuration Profiles can be simple by spending a little time learning how to use them.”

“There’s no need to sacrifice any more chickens if we apply a little technology.”

Here’s a teaser slide. “Of Science and Chickens” is the sub-title of my presentation.

Of Science and Chickens

I have to say thanks to the folks at 318, Inc., for allowing me to attend the conference. As you can probably tell, they don’t let us out much. Bring your rubber chickens.

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