Readying command line goodness for MacIT 2014

My second presentation for this year’s MacIT conference in March is done and uploaded. I’ll take a break from it for a few days before doing my final edits. Somehow, I need to fit 168 slides into 45 minutes worth of presentation. Or just talk really, really fast.

This presentation reminds me why I like giving talks and doing training in the first place. Teaching is the best way to learn. And I learned some really useful ways for interacting with Active Directory and Open Directory from the command line. I’m bringing a ton of step-by-step, how-to and side-by-side examples with hope at least one person will have an “Ah hah!” moment.

Here’s a sample slide comparing the command line to the GUI for binding a Mac to Active Directory. I’ll also show how to nest directory groups into local computer groups to control access to folders and services such as printing. And I’m including plenty of script snippets for anyone wanting to look up an email address, phone number or most any other information for a user.

Access Directory Services from the Command Line - Slide 22

These are my sessions:

Anyone who hasn’t registered for MacIT 2014 yet should do so by March 14 to get a $200 discount off the 3-day admission. I’m looking forward to seeing seeing my Mac admin colleagues and talking shop over beers.

In other news, I’ve been accepted to give a talk at the Penn State MacAdmins conference in July. This will be my first trip to the conference and I’m looking forward to heading east to meet folks there. I’ll be talking about creating custom profiles in OS X server and Casper for managing third party applications.

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