Fat friggin’ iMac plugs! or “Oh, snap!”

In my cube is a refurbished 24-inch iMac that I’m preparing to use for testing. We don’t have many iMacs in-house but we’re slowing migrating to them from the Mac Pros, which are more than we need.
iMacs are stylish and sleek, but I was cursing Apple’s “design” this morning until I discovered they solved my problem before I had one.

Like any cube, the desktop is modular but not easily adjustable and my power outlets are underneath. Tiny little gaps between the desktop and the back padded wall are the only cable management I have. None of those handy holes in the top for all those cords!
When I tried snaking the iMac’s power cord in that barely 1-inch gap, I couldn’t believe that both ends were too friggin’ fat to fit! The three-prong end isn’t much bigger than most power cords but the other end has this ridiculously large collar that fits into the back of the iMac.
“Some design!”
That’s not what I was really thinking.
After 15 minutes of looking for larger gaps and trying to squeeze the prong end through the biggest gap I could find, I had resigned myself that the cable was just gonna have to snake over the front of my desk to get to the power strip below.
Then for some reason, I just looked at the collar end of the cord and pressed it with my thumb. If ever the words “Oh, Snap!” were more appropriate!
The collar snapped off—easily. This end of the plug now fit very easily through that little 1-inch gap behind my desk.
Apple really did think of everything.

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