My Macworld chores

Microsoft has kindly invited me again to attend Macworld and help folks in their booth. Two years ago I attended my first Macworld Expo and had a blast. This time, a little wiser, I’ll prepare a little better.

I didn’t have problems with my black shoes for the show the last time but they were new and in better shape. I need to make sure I polish what I have before leaving and also make sure they don’t smudge on my clothes in the suitcase.
Need to make a run today to Old Navy and get some more pants. It’s time anyway. What I have now are fraying at the cuffs. That’s because I have a comfy pair of shoes with a lower heel that I like to wear sometimes.
Boxer briefs
This is #1 on my list. Macworld means a lot of walking and the tighty-whities and boxers just don’t prevent chafing. I don’t care how young or how old you are. Boxer briefs are a must for Macworld.
Room for chotchkies
Must take the large suitcase and not the smaller one. I have souvenirs to bring home and my big bag of literature.
Done. I blogged about how I’ll use my iPhone as my command station on the Entourage Help Blog yesterday. I have multiple calendars for different priorities and an address book with all my necessary contacts. Now, if only I could get a few more days to do everything I want to do!
Google maps
With events in various venues and hotels I like to know where I’m going and how far I’ll need to walk. I’ve got my hotel, the Moscone Center and nearby locations plotted on my Macworld Google map. I’ve even included ATMs.
Temperatures look like light jacket weather: 40s and 50s. Should rain on Monday but looks dry the rest of the week.
My daily use laptop bag has all my cables and electronics but I want to make sure everything is charged before I leave. I’d hate to be at 10% power on my iPhone for a half-day trip and miss a photo with a celebrity.
Car wash
For two weeks my car has been covered in salt. I need to get it washed today before snow starts again this afternoon. At least it can sit clean in a nice warm garage for a week.
My last item. The airport ATM has usually had cash on hand if I couldn’t stop and get some prior to leaving but one day I fear it won’t.

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