Creamy peanut butter feelings for my new MacBook Pro

Our new MacBook Pros arrived Wednesday, just two days after receiving and sending back our original MacBook order. They were so close yet I couldn’t open the boxes. That made the wait a little harder. But we were glad to see them arrive one day before FedEx said they should be delivered.

The first order of business was un-boxing and that’s always a joy. The cats really like to get into the festivities too. The packaging is typical Apple and always well designed for that first impression that’s so important with an expensive new product. When you open the box the first thing you see is the new laptop itself as if it has been put on a platter waiting for you. I always get that creamy peanut butter feeling when you first open the jar.

Plastic packaging off and the next step is to admire and savor the thinness. Very thin. And then the lid swings open to reveal a black and shiny screen over a cleanly designed keyboard with those famous chiclet buttons. It reminds me very much of my first generation iPhone, which I think is still classier than the newer generation version.

My initial plan was to use SuperDuper! to clone my PowerBook drive to the new drive. Leopard is four-way fat as an Apple technical representative that I know loves to explain to his customers. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit machines as well as PowerPC and Intel. It can be installed on an 867 MHz PPC G4 and then cloned to a 3.2 GHz Intel Mac Pro and just work.

However, my PowerBook had problems and I didn’t have my DiskWarrior CD handy, so I decided to simply install all my software new and migrate just my home folder. Having done this at work many times, I had no problems at home. Within a day I was up and running.

This is the most beautiful machine I have ever used.

I can use trackpad tapping and two-finger scrolling and give my thumb, which has been the click master the past five years, a rest. I’ve never cared for Exposé but maybe the four-finger upward swipe will change that. I’ve needed the MagSafe adapter several times.

Now that I can install Windows I am testing VMWare Fusion to compare it to Parallels. I also went straight to Vista Ultimate, installing it from my MSDN subscription through the MVP program. Installation was simple but I am still applying updates for Windows several hours later. Have I really download 12GB of critical and recommended updates?

Dean is still busy migrating from his MacBook to his MacBook Pro. Children, don’t try to take shortcuts.

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