Time for an upgrade

Dean and I watched Tuesday’s infomercial (a.k.a. the Stevenote). I have a PowerBook that will be five years of very old age in December and Dean just likes to buy shiny new Apple things. We decided to go ahead and order new MacBooks online.

My company has an employee purchase program with Apple and we saved about $300.00 on two higher end MacBooks, upgraded to 4GB RAM and the extra two-year Apple Protection Plan. Shipping 2-3 was only $12.00 more and we said why not?

By Wednesday afternoon I’d received shipping notifications from China and we’d heard reports of folks actually receiving their orders already! In the news were the first reports of folks being concerned with the new MacBooks not coming with Firewire ports. In my opinion that wasn’t a big deal. I don’t have a Firewire camera and I don’t have any Firewire drives. Dean has both.

Thursday evening we were discussing this further. The MacBooks don’t have card slots either. We couldn’t add Firewire if we wanted and sometimes I do use Target Disk Mode for troubleshooting or copying files.

The price difference between the higher end MacBook and the lower end MacBook Pro is about $450.00, including AppleCare. We decided to call Apple and ask for an Exchange.

The customer service representative immediately said Apple didn’t offer refunds on custom orders (and we had customized with extra RAM) but we explained that the packages were unopened (not even received yet) and that we wanted to buy up. After about 10 minutes he returned and said we could make the exchange.

Now, we just wait ’til they arrive. Waiting is the hardest part.

Via Twitter I learned that Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere was actually made into a six-part TV series in 2003. This was my first Gaiman book and your first is always the best. I acquired a copy of the shows and plan to watch them this weekend. If they live up to the book then I plan to purchase the DVD set for my collection.

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