Upgrading Global Deaf Connection

For the past few weeks I’ve been visiting Joel at Global Deaf Connection and I did so today for the second time this week. I handed him my budget recommendation for hardware upgrades, software purchases, a new server and network wiring so that he has numbers he can present to the board for approval.

Actually, I think he’s looking for an internationally sponsored grant specifically geared toward technology improvements in charitable organizations to fund the upgrades. If he can get everything approved then we’ll be seeing a $6,000.00 check to spend on improvements.

Half of my proposal is for a new server and another 25 percent is for wiring the building and moving away from a flaky all wireless network. So much of my time has been spent on small thorns such as getting printers to work again after people have unplugged wires that paying attention to real problem will be a treat.

Joel also handed me a second laptop that was recently donated. This time it’s a Pentium 4, which I’m pleased to see compared to some of the other machines. The software media and licenses are a pain to decipher but I’m slowing learning what’s what. We’re actually going to be a mixed Mac and Windows organization, which I find really neat.

Two vendors come into the church on Monday to give quotes for the network wiring. One sounds like he’s generous toward charities. I feel like I’m progressing now rather than maintaining the status quo.

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