Flying the long way home

Our mini summit at MacBU is now done and we’ve all traveled home. By now, most of us are there. My return was scheduled for yesterday but a long delay would have caused me to miss my connecting flight so I was rerouted first class to Los Angeles where I was too late to catch that flight–the last flight–to the Twin Cities.

So, I was booked into the Holiday Inn LAX hotel. It’s probably the worst place I’ve stayed in quite a while. The carpets were stained as were the walls. Some walls had holes, my room was clearly missing most of its artwork and the caulking in the bathroom was sloppily done and didn’t come close to blending with the counter tops.

I awoke at 4:00 a.m. to catch a 6:30 a.m. flight, which had been moved to a different gate from the one listed on my boarding pass. Fortunately, the customer service representative had advised me that I check when I arrive in the morning.

The flight home was uneventful and I got a lot of reading done in Anathem. I estimate that I need about three more trips to finish the book. It’s nearly 900 pages.

My $15.00 checked bag didn’t arrive with me but within a couple of hours NWA had located it and had it delivered to my home.

The Monday before I was able to say my hello to Diane and the last night I said my goodbyes to Beth and Paul. Our last night, Wednesday, Beth and I watched Project Runway with Paul, explaining to him about the contest and the characters. He seemed amused. We didn’t have any tears but instead had a moving on kind of goodbye. We’ll see each other again.

I have lots of cleanup to do with my work email, so much for inbox zero, and that will keep me occupied for a while. John at work has broken his leg and so I’ll be covering for him where possible. Tim has had to cover for both of us.

Can’t tell if the cats missed me or not. I think they did.

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