So, there I was…

Standing in the men’s restroom at work making small talk with our CEO. That’s what guys do.

He asked me how things were going and I said, “It’s Thursday!” After he chuckled a bit I said I couldn’t wait until next week when I’ll be attending a mini Mac MVP summit hosted by the MacBU at Microsoft. I explained that I’m getting to speak with the developers about the next version of Office for Macintosh.

His ears perked up a bit and he mentioned that he had an older version of Office on his Mac at home. He has a Mac at home!? Actually, he said, his whole family uses Macs. They get the family packs for some of their software because they have enough to use all the licenses.

He said he’s been thinking about getting Office 2008 and was wondering about using Entourage. Was it supported at our company? I had a big grin on my face and explained how I shared a blog site with someone exclusively devoted to Entourage. Our CEO explained how he gave up his laptop for just a Desktop because he prefers to travel with his MacBook but he said he didn’t like using Outlook Web Access (OWA). Could Entourage connect to Exchange?

I said I’d send him links with instructions. I had fun telling everybody in our group that our CEO is a Mac guy too.

Got a call from Vernon this evening. Always glad to hear from old friends back home in Oklahoma.

He was trying to find out how to flow about 100 pages of a Microsoft Word document into Adobe InDesign CS3 and have it automatically add pages as it imported. A quick search on Google and I emailed him a page with practically the same question and an answer too.

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