Reading ActiveSync Sent Items

Just last night posted [Use AppleScript to read ActiveSync Sent Items in Entourage]( on the Entourage Help Blog.

Based on an idea someone posted in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup I decided to see if I could a way to use AppleScript to enable Exchange/iPhone/Entourage users to read mail sent via ActiveSync. Surprisingly, examining the source of a “corrupt” message and determining the problem was very simple–just eliminate the bogus headers.
I whipped up some quick code and posted it back to the newsgroup but at that point I was committed to finishing what I started. The rest of Saturday was spent tweaking the code, adding some error checking and throwing in a couple of things I knew folks would later request.
After a day at the Minnesota State Fair I created the blog post and snapped a few screenshots. Nothing explains a computer problem like screenshots!
MacSurfer was quick to pick up the post and by this morning I already had my first comment and feature request. Did a quick Google search and found some posts on MacRumors and MacFixIt about the problem. I registered with the sites and posted links back to the entry there.

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