Finishing my new Entourage Exchange setup script

I hadn’t touched my new Entourage Exchange Setup script for a few weeks and decided to finally tackle it again. Didn’t realize how much I’d done already and how little was really left to do.

Although I spent most of this afternoon working on it, a companion script and the documentation, I didn’t feel like the effort was over the top. The most work went into creating the companion script, which copies the “template” files to the User Template folder or to a user-specified folder for use with deployment utilities such as [Casper]( or [InstaDMG](, and testing.
With help from a user of my earlier scripts, I also managed to include his script snippet to modify the LaunchServices database file to set Microsoft Entourage as the default. Nice!
This evening the scripts were zipped and mailed to four folks for beta testing. Two were previously interested in it and the other two, I felt, would be equally interested in testing.
I’m looking forward to posting it on the Entourage Help Page.

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