Killlll meeee!

My company is making a major push to move to [Microsoft SharePoint](, which is a great move! They are planning to replace our outdated Intranet site (can anyone say “frames”?) with SharePoint and create group sites. Everything about this project is a home run.
One of the initiatives is training and we’ve contracted with a company about 30 minutes away from the office to provide SharePoint training. Folks from our office have been attending in masses and today was my turn to take the first of two courses. My “Contributor” course had me [tweeting]( “Killlll meeee!” at the end of the two hours.

Learning and training is one of my passions and this class should have been like a field trip for me. But why didn’t someone offer any pre-screening for candidates?
Let me back up a little. To have a SharePoint site you must be a site owner. That requires “Site Owner” training. “Contributor” training is a prerequisite for “Site Owner”. So, today we covered in two hours what should have been at most 30 minutes. The instructor was knowledgeable and answered questions but, sheesh!, my forehead was hitting the keyboard!
When I returned to the office Jennifer, who skipped “Contributor” training (wish I’d know I could do that!) made fun of her “Site Owner” instructor:
**Instructor:** *”Now we’re going to edit your list.” Walks over to Jennifer. “Do you need any help?”*
**Jennifer:** *”No, I found the Edit button.”*
Next time, I’m going to ask for a [CLEP tes]( before I take another “prerequisite”.

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