My obligatory iPhone 2.0 post

Everyone is required to have this post, right? 😉
I woke up Friday morning and Dean was gone but I had a good idea that I knew where. Grabbed my iPhone and texted him.

You’re in line, aren’t you!?

#20 at AT&T

I thought you were a purist. Get thee to an Apple store!

I guess their [sic] were two lines. The one I’m in led to AT&T

Leo sounds so tired. He has help with him right now.

For a lot of Thursday evening we watched [Leo Laporte’s “24 Hours of iPhone”]( When I opened Firefox his broadcast was still going as advertised.

I can sign into .Mac but I don’t see any way to upgrade to .Me.

Ooo I got a wristband

It’s not jewelry.

and free water. They learned from apple.

They have like 20 8GB all the rest are 16gb

They shouldn’t have bothered wit the 8GB.

Oddly a lot of ppl want 8gb


Er meh

How the ones who already have an iPhone but want a new after just one year?

Maybe I shouldn’t be texting so early in the morning? Not sure what I meant.

2.0 software is available in Tunes [sic] now.


God AT&T is so freakin slow

Still waiting

There’s over 100 ppl here

For technical reasons I couldn’t install the upgrade until I had time Friday evening to copy files to another computer where I wanted to now sync my iPhone. But when I was ready I launched iTunes, connected my iPhone and let the computer prompt me from there.
It went flawlessly! iTunes notified me of the update, my iPhone was backed up to my laptop, software was downloaded, my iPhone was upgraded and then activated in less than two minutes, and all my files were copied back to the phone. If I had one complaint it would be that my homepage icons were reset to the default set. Big deal.
I had visited the iTunes App Store before and browsed the collection of free and mostly free stuff so I already knew what I wanted. In about 30 minutes I had 32 free, donationware and commercial apps ready to install. A few minutes later I had two full pages of apps on my iPhone.
Page 1 of iPhone apps Page 2 of iPhone apps
The ability to take screenshots on the iPhone is probably my favorite new feature and I’m sure it will have a big impact in ways we haven’t discovered yet. Developers can use it for advertising their apps, folks like myself who are in IT can use it for documentation, end-users can use it to describe problems better when asking for help and gamers will soon be posting their high scores. [King of Kong](, anyone?
Exchange support was an important reason for my upgrade and the setup for this to my company’s server went flawlessly as well. The setup for this was just a couple of minutes and my mail and folders appeared nearly instantaneously. Nearly as important to me was the fact that I could now search my company’s Global Address List.
I’m still exploring the possibilities of the geo-aware apps and snapping photos to send to my MobileMe gallery.
Yes, these are the Golden Ages of the iPhone!

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