My geek vacation

We’re only allowed to accrue 150% vacation time at work and I, having only been there 3-1/2 years, get two weeks every year. My three co-workers have all been with our company more than five years and two have more than 10 years invested time. We all find taking vacation time very difficult. We just don’t think about it or just find that we don’t need it right now.
MVC-013S.JPGThis week I’m burning 40 hours but I have a plan. Apart from taking my cat Mitch to the vet to get a tooth pulled, I’m doing geek things that I’ve been wanting to do for months. They include installing MoveableType for this blog, installing MediaWiki for my website and learning better ways to use Twitter. Of course, I kicked off the week with the WWDC keynote on Monday.

Twitter: done.
I had set up an account a long time ago but never got to explore it. At this year’s MVP Summit we had a couple of sessions about microblogging and social networking. These were enough to get me interested again. Thanks to ProBlogger’s recent Twitter post I found a new way to promote The Entourage Help Blog, which I co-author with Diane Ross and other MVPs.
Follow meck.
Blog: done.
Diane and I use MoveableType for EHB so this is a second playground for me. My goal was to get it installed. I’ll probably take another week to redo the design.
Be sure to subscribe using your favorite newsreader. I personally prefer NetNewsWire.
Wiki: done.
I love MediaWiki, which is the same wiki software used by Wikipedia. It’s a complex beast but it’s perfect for my needs. I want to design a good website but I don’t care to learn HTML composition software. I’d rather design around MediaWiki because of its other features such as search, stats and accessibility from anywhere in case I want to put up a page.
I’m also wanting to get Diane to convert the Entourage Help Page, the parent to EHB, to a wiki but first I need to get comfortable with its options and features.

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