lonely written words—are all you’ve got”

—Virginia Shea

“communication happens when I know you know what I know”


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Playing just for you

Music is a critical for situations where emotion is peaking—action movies, a night on the town, romantic encounters and even conversations with co-workers or friends who may be a little overly dramatic sometimes.

Yesterday morning I started replying to a co-worker’s message. In it I found myself being a little overly dramatic myself. (Not unjustly.) “Well, OK,” I said. “Just making sure you haven’t forgotten me. I’m out here all alone, you know. All alone. You could probably use this by now:”

Just after that colon was where I wanted to insert a link to Apple’s App Store for a

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New Moose in late 2014?

This makes me happy!

Steve Halls is actively working on a 3D version of the Talking Moose and current plans are to release it sometime in late 2014. That announcement was part of a blog post from 2010 but his site http://talkingmoose.ca shows lots of recent activity. I’m especially anxious to see his results for making the Moose useful/life-changing.

How to watch Doctor Who

Well, I haven’t written something here in a long long time! What inspires me today? My old work chum Ron sent me this message on Facebook:

Bill…question…Cori of all people asked me yesterday if we should watch Doctor Who. Obviously I’ve heard good things. But if one was to start…where do you start watching? a few folks have said starting 2005 would be good. Your thoughts?

Of course you guys should watch Doctor Who! But good question about where to start if you’re not a Whovian from childhood.

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On being a geek on Saturday night

OK, so I don’t have a hyperactive social life anymore. My twenties are long gone and most of my Saturday nights are relegated to home life. While many folks my age (I’m only 42) might still enjoy heading out to the bars and making casual acquaintances, their partners may not really appreciate that.

I realized today how much I like being a geek at home on Saturday night. It’s relaxing and never really boring. Life is a hundred times too short to ever be bored.

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Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!

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