lonely written words—are all you’ve got”

—Virginia Shea

“communication happens when I know you know what I know”


Meeting Paul Bowden

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Just a little more than a week ago, Paul Bowden introduce himself in the #microsoft-office channel of the Slack MacAdmins team:

Thanks to @talkingmoose for introducing me to the group. I was going to set my slack username to “Mr sudo $USER” but I’ll just have to plead for forgiveness from all of you and make it up by fixing this stuff. Do feel free to ping me with your top 3 wishes for installers and/or MAU. Thanks! Paul.

It was a perfect mix of levity, humility and outreach that started some amazing dialogue between Mac admins and Microsoft.

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Bound for Microsoft MVP Summit 2013v2

Tomorrow I leave for the November 2013 MVP Summit in Redmond to visit with the Microsoft Office for Mac development team. I’m exepcting my fellow MVPs and I will get a glimpse of the unofficially named Microsoft Office 2014 for Mac and details about its release some time next year.

The Office for Mac product managers and developers have their fingers on the customer’s pulse to gauge his needs but look to outside resources like MVPs to offer a second opinion. We bring a unique perspective from helping their customers every day with their products. We find bugs. We find

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Microsoft Word humor

In a couple of days the current Microsoft Office for Mac forums will be closing and folks searching for answers to their questions will be redirected to Microsoft Answers. I thought the following exchange in the soon to be defunct Word for Mac forum was too good to lose.

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Maybe an old script can see the light of day

This post is for the folks on the [YouTalk mailing list](http://host171.hostmonster.com/mailman/listinfo/youtalk_office.mvps.org). Over time Microsoft Entourage 2008 builds a list of recently used E-mail addresses based on messages sent and received. This list is called the Most Recently Used list or the MRU. As time goes on, this list builds and builds and becomes cluttered with outdated addresses or addresses from junk mail that wasn’t properly marked as “junk”.

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Geek fest: Week 1

I’m writing this post while sitting on a plane headed to Portland, OR. In a little while I’ll be meeting fellow MVP Diane Ross and former MVP Allen Watson. We’re driving to Redmond for this year’s MVP Summit at Microsoft.

Flying is a wonderful time for me to catch up, reflect and look into new things, which is what I’m doing now. Beneath the iPhone in my hand are two issues of iPhone Life magazine, which I discovered at the Macworld Expo last week. I’m enjoying reading it and considering asking if i can write for it as well.


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Embarrassed or ‘I’m most definitely not a PC!’

Microsoft’s marketing group has again made a great blunder. As if the Seinfeld/Gates commercials weren’t enough they apparently felt that their MVP program is up for grabs. Sadly, a lot of MVPs didn’t disagree.

Apparently, someone at Microsoft decided to stage a mass “I’m a PC!” video opportunity during last week’s MVP Summit in Redmond, and it is being spread to various media as our endorsement of them.

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Beta karma or “My name is Bill”

I’m not a software developer but I dabble a bit in scripting. My Exchange setup script for Entourage has gotten me a few nice remarks and I even learned at Macworld that it’s being used by folks at Conde Nast and the New York Times.

Back in August I wrote an updated version of the script, version 3.0, and E-mailed it to some folks who had contacted me originally looking for assistance or just sending me kudos. They got first crack at beta testing this new version. One of these folks had even asked me earlier for the changes that

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Post Macworld reflections

My sleeping habits and legs are still recovering from a week in San Francisco where long days and late nights are the norm during Macworld. However, I’m still energized by everything I saw and trying to eek out just a bit more by going through my notes, collection of promo materials, demo CDs and chotchkies.

Pictures are everything for those who can’t attend so I’ll add a lot of pictures with some comments. Most of these are from my iPhone.

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My Macworld chores

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Creamy peanut butter feelings for my new MacBook Pro

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