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—Virginia Shea

“communication happens when I know you know what I know”



As part of the initial purchase of Casper, JAMF requires the additional purchase of a JumpStart. If licensing for Mac management, you’ll need to schedule a two-day OS X JumpStart. If licensing for iOS management, you’ll need to purchase a one-day iOS JumpStart. If licensing for both Mac and iOS, JAMF may reduce the iOS training to a half-day remote JumpStart because much of the initial setup is already completed.

This is where I come in

A JumpStart includes an onsite visit by either a JAMF employee or one of its integrator partners. JAMF partners with my company, 318, Inc., to perform JumpStarts on its behalf. Having been a JAMF customer since version 1.0, I bring several years of practical experience with me to pass along to you. And I bring my experiences from prior JumpStarts for both enterprise and education customers. My goal is to give you well-rounded in-depth training tailored to your environment.

We’ll install and configure your JSS and populate it by enrolling devices. For Mac JumpStarts, we’ll continue with creating application packages and creating configurations for imaging new Macs. Once we’ve imaged new Macs, we’ll cover management going forward. For iOS JumpStarts, we’ll learn about managing those devices in shared or one-to-one deployments.

I’m there to show you ideas for management and how to put different parts of Casper together for a comprehensive solution. Most customers are glad to have had the devoted time to learning Casper in-depth. We can’t possibly cover everything Casper can do in just two days, but by the time I leave you’ll at least have some working management examples and an idea of how to meet your needs going forward. I encourage you to bring ideas about what you want to do and take notes. Feel free to record your JumpStart if it helps you learn.

Why does JAMF require a JumpStart?

Casper is a complex system and can do some really cool stuff. But if you’re not familiar with Apple product management then you’ll struggle to grasp its capabilities. If you’re an experienced administrator then you’ll learn how to apply your management through Casper. Without a JumpStart and without familiarity with Casper, you’ll need weeks or months to learn and configure it for your environment. By the time your license is due for its annual renewal, you may still not be using it to its full potential. You don’t know what you don’t know.

JAMF wants to keep you as a customer and that means making sure you’re benefitting from Casper.

Before your JumpStart

To use our time together wisely, I ask you spend time before I arrive doing some pre-work. If you’re comfortable following JAMF’s instructions to install your JSS then by all means have it ready to go. If not, that’s OK. Installing your server should take about an hour and it’s part of the JumpStart.

But be sure to collect together all the service accounts, DNS addresses, online accounts, applications and other pieces we’ll need and have them at hand and ready to go. I’ve had a few customers spend a good chunk of our time taking care of this minutia while I’m visiting and it can be a real momentum killer. If you don’t have a fast Internet connection you don’t want to spend the time waiting for the latest 5 GB OS X installer to download or if you don’t have access to Active Directory you don’t want to have to leave multiple voicemails for someone else to create accounts.

Please, complete as much of the pre-work as possible and call me early if you have any questions.