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Activation Code

We entered our activation code during the JSS Setup Assistant. We can visit the Activation Code page to view or change this code as well as view additioanl information about the license.


 Change activation code
 View expiration date
 View licensed seats
 Understand what happens when license limits are reachedActivation code details

Change activation code

The Organization Name is not tied to the Activation Code. You can change it at any time. However, changing the Activation Code will affect the License Type, Expiration Date and licensed seat count for devices.

About a month before your Casper license expires, JAMF Software will contact you to start the process to renew your license. They’ll ask you to upload a JSS Summary, which is a plain text list of objects in your JSS including the number of managed devices in inventory. JAMF will use this information to calculate your renewal license costs.

NOTE: Prior to uploading your JSS Summary, you should take the time to remove records for missing or retired assets to decrease your inventory count. If your new inventory count falls below your current license count, you may be tempted to renew fewer licenses. However, if you plan on reusing those licenses later go ahead and renew the unused licenses. If you relinquish a license rather than renewing it, you will have to repurchase the license in full later.

When you receive a new Activation Code, click the Edit button, enter the new code and then click the Save button.

View expiration date

Your new Activation Code automatically updates the expiration date for your license. Verify whether the date is correct. Contact your account executive with any issues.

View seats

Your new Activation Code also updates the count of managed devices included with your license. Computers and Mobile Devices are licensed separately. Verify the licensed counts for Computers and Mobile Devices are correct. Contact your account executive with any issues.

Understand what happens when license limits are reached

What happens if your license expires?

Does the software stop working? Does JAMF require you to stop using the software? Does your JSS notify JAMF?

No. The expiration date is purely informational and for your eyes only. Your JSS will continue to function normally and you devices will still be managed. However, you will not receive any further software updates, which often include bug fixes and new features.

What happens if you exceed your licensed number of Computers or Mobile Devices?

Like the expiration date, these numbers are purely informational and for your eyes only. For example, if you’re licensed for 50 computers but have 55 computers in your JSS, you can wait until your renewal date to “true up” your license count. The additional five computers will be fully managed.