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JSS Setup Assistant

Now that the JSS is operational, we’ll configure the remainder of Casper’s settings within the web application itself. We verified the JSS was accessible from the server via the localhost address. Now, we should verify the JSS is available within the internal network using its assigned DNS address.

From your workstation open any browser and enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server using https and port 8443.

License Agreement

Proceed through the JSS Setup Assistant.

  1. Click the Accept button to accept the license agreement.
  2. Enter your organization’s name as you would like visitors to see it. The Organization Name is not tied to the Activation Code. Enter your your activation code gathered in step 1 of your JumpStart Pre-work. Click the Next button.
  3. Next, you’ll create the first user account in your JSS. Just like the first user account during a new computer setup is always a local administrator, this too will be a local administrator whose credentials are stored in the MySQL database. A common first user account is “casperadmin”. Later, we’ll connect the JSS to a directory service and add user accounts from there. Keep note of this user account in case your directory service accounts are unavailable. Click the Next button to continue.
    Create Your First Account
  4. Now, verify the URL of your JSS for accuracy. This is very important! The JSS Setup Assistant automatically enters the URL you used to connect to your server. This is the URL Casper will provide your clients and they will use it to connect and report to the JSS. If this URL is wrong (for example, if you leave it as “localhost”) then your devices will fail connecting.Your JSS URL should be in the form of https://jss.talkingmoose.net:8443/. Ensure it begins with “https” and ends with “8443”. You can change this URL later within the JSS. Click the next button.
    Enter Your JSS URL

Your JSS Setup is now complete and you should see the JSS Dashboard.

JSS Dashboard