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—Virginia Shea

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At every login, the first landing page is the Dashboard. It provides the current user an overview of his JSS environment.

A new JSS displays a list of common setup tasks an administrator will want to complete before using the server. As they are completed, the setup tasks disappear from the Dashboard to leave room for status messages. Tasks include:

  • Enable Customer Experience Metrics
    Enable Customer Experience Metrics to submit anonymous usage data to JAMF Software.
  • Add an LDAP Server
    Add an LDAP server to the JSS to access user and group information from an LDAP directory service.
  • Create a Push Certificate
    Create a push certificate to ensure that the JSS can communicate with Apple Push Notification service (APNs). This allows you to perform tasks that require APNs, such as distributing configuration profiles and sending remote commands.
  • Configure the SMTP Server Settings
    Configure the SMTP Server settings in the JSS so you can send email notifications, enrollment invitations, and mass emails.
  • Create or Upload an SSL Certificate
    Create or upload an SSL certificate to ensure that computers, mobile devices, and JAMF Distribution Server (JDS) instances communicate with the JSS and not an imposter server.
  • Add Items to Your JSS Dashboard
    The JSS Dashboard lets you view the status of smart groups, policies, configuration profiles, and licensed software – all in once central location. To add one or more of these items to your JSS Dashboard, select the “Show in JSS Dashboard” checkbox in the upper-right corner of the pane when viewing the item in the JSS.

JSS Dashboard

Return to the Dashboard anytime by clicking the green JSS logo in the upper left corner.

JSS logo

Responsive Design

JAMF designed the JSS for Casper 9 using Responsive Design. That means the site will reflow and reorganize itself dynamically depending on the size of screen displaying the site. Responsive Design makes administering the JSS from a mobile phone, tablet or computer easier.

Compare the same page on an iPhone, iPad and computer or simply drag the browser window on a computer to the size and shape of a mobile device to see Responsive Design in action.

Responsive Design - iPhone


Responsive Design - iPad


Responsive Design - Computer