lonely written words—are all you’ve got”

—Virginia Shea

“communication happens when I know you know what I know”


Visting with a fellow MVP

[Mickey Stevens](https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Stevens), a fellow Mac MVP and his mom came to Minneapolis this weekend to see the sights. At one time Mickey was one of the youngest MVPs awarded by Microsoft. I still remember my first MVP Summit where I not only met him but also his mom Irene, who was chaperoning.
I met Mickey and Irene at the [Walker Art Center](http://www.walkerart.org) in downtown Minneapolis and we walked through most of the exhibits there. I had told Mickey to be sure they check out the [Minneapolis Sculpture Garden](http://garden.walkerart.org/visit.wac) while here too, which is home to the famous [Spoonbridge and Cherry](http://garden.walkerart.org/artwork.wac).
After lunch at the art center, we walked back to our cars to say our good-byes. Out of the huge parking I had somehow managed to park my car just behind theirs, so I got to show off my new car to them and Irene showed me her hybrid car, which I’d never seen up close until now.

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